Friday, September 2, 2016

Aerohive HiveManager not showing the correct wifi client number

I was troubleshooting an issue where the customer was complaining that the client count displayed in the HiveManager is not accurate.

There is one client connected but the HiveManager shows that the client number for that AP is "0"

I though, lets use the "show  station" command in the AP to see whether the AP has this client connected, and as you can see the client with mac 286a:ba44:1de4 is connected to the AP,

AH-0168c0#show station

Chan=channel number; Pow=Power in dBm;
A-Mode=Authentication mode; Cipher=Encryption mode;
A-Time=Associated time; Auth=Authenticated;
UPID=User profile Identifier; Phymode=Physical mode;
Ifname=wifi0.1, Ifindex=17, SSID=GUEST-PPSK:
Mac Addr       IP Addr         Chan Tx Rate Rx Rate Pow(SNR)              
-------------- --------------- ---- ------- ------- -------- 
Mac Addr       IP Addr         Chan Tx Rate Rx Rate Pow(SNR) 
-------------- --------------- ---- ------- ------- -------- 
286a:ba44:1de4       36      6M     65M  -48(42)  wpa2-psk aes ccmp 
After looking in to the logs I figured out the cause of this issue was that the customer had disabled traps over CAPWAP,

Aerohive HiveOS running in APs send a traps over CAPWAP to the HiveManager every time a client connect or disconnect, thats how the HiveManager know when a client connect or disconnects to the AP.  If you enable capwap trap debug, you can see the trap message,

AH-0168c0#_debug capwap trap

AH-0168c0#_debug capwap all
debug trap turned on (0x10)

AH-0168c0#show log buffer

----- client just connected ------

debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: printf capwap send trap buffer:
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: Send capwap trap sequence number:6, total len:198
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: total trap len:190
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap management status:0
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: option55 :, len:0
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap os name :, len:0
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap MBA used:2
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap sta's SNR:-48
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap user profile name :USERMGR, len:7
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap sta's rssi :42
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap ifname :wifi1.1, len:7
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap association time :1472799491
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap bssid:9c5d:1201:68e4
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client channel :36
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap user profile id :1
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client vlan id :1
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap mac protocol :3
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap encrypt method :0
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap auth method :5
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap cwp used :2
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client username :GUEST-PPSK, len:10
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client username :, len:0
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client host name :ruwans-ipad, len:11
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap client ip:
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap object type:1
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap current state:1
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap remote id:286a:ba44:1de4
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap interface index:19
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: fill trap header len:97
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap code:5
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap description:Station 286a:ba44:1de4 is 
authenticated to 9c5d:1201:68e4 thru SSID GUEST-PPSK vid 1, length:84
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap object name:AUTH, length:4
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: trap type is:4
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: CAPWAP receive connection change trap!
debug   capwap: [capwap_trap]: Get trap information, total len:830, 
data len 816, trap type:1 internal alarm ID:0xffffffff clear:0

2016-09-02 16:58:12 info    ah_auth: Station 286a:ba44:1de4 
ip username n/a hostname ruwans-ipad OS Apple iOS, flag = DHCP


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