Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Statically creating a UGS flow (DOCSIS)

I have been trying to define a UGS flow in the Cable modem config file because this particular eMTA I was testing does not support Dynamic service flow creation ( DQOS) for Voice traffic. When I just change the "SchedulingType" to "6" the modem gets a registration reject from the CMTS .

the examples below can be used to define a UGS flow statically using the CM config file , I am using a Best effort service flow for Downstream,


UsServiceFlow /*voice service flow*/
UsServiceFlowRef 5;
QosParamSetType 7;
SchedulingType 6;
RequestOrTxPolicy 0x0000001f;
UnsolicitedGrantSize 500;
NominalGrantInterval 10000;
ToleratedGrantJitter 2000;
GrantsPerInterval 1;


Thursday, March 18, 2010

run a LOOP in windows Batch file

I have been searching for a way to run a simple loop to repeat a windows batch file , many website give some general commands but no examples , I found this one which exactly does what I wanted. Copy and paste this in a text file and save it with the extention xxx.bat and double click it or go to dos prompt, change the path to where the file is and type test.bat, example D:\> test.bat



ping /*this is the file I want to run repeatedly */

goto Loop


Monday, January 11, 2010

Terayon BW3240

I have been working on configuring a Terayon BW3240 CMTS . Did not receive any documentation or console cable with the units. the major problem was accessing the console , the console port is RJ11 ,so I googled for R11 to RS232 pin out but could not find a standard pin definition . Finally I found some documents for TeryonBW3500 CMTS with RJ11 to RS232 connection diagram but the connector which was described in that was a RJ12 with 6 pins and the BW3240 only has RJ11 (4 pin) connector on it. Finally with some help , using a oscilloscope I managed to find which pin was Tx and which was Rx , the pin out is given below