Sunday, October 9, 2016

Aerohive 2324P , 2348P SFP not working, how to fix ?

If you run in to the issue that in SR2348P and SR2324 SFPs doesn’t link up (LED not turning on when the SFP and cables are connected from one switch to another),

probably its a speed mismatch issue , SFP doesn’t work in auto mode. Set the speed according to the SFP module you are using, 

(AH-Switch)# show port all 

1/0/49           Enable    Auto                  Down   Enable  Enable long
1/0/50           Enable    Auto                  Down   Enable  Enable long
1/0/51           Enable    Auto                  Down   Enable  Enable long
1/0/52           Enable    10G Full   10G Full   Up     Enable  Enable long

Check the SFP ports to see whether they are set to auto or a specific speed. Set the speed in the switch port in both sides of the switch ,

(AH-Switch) (Interface 1/0/49)#speed 10G full-duplex
(AH-Switch) (Interface 1/0/50)#speed 10G full-duplex
(AH-Switch) (Interface 1/0/51)#speed 10G full-duplex

(AH-Switch) (Interface 1/0/52)#speed 10G full-duplex
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