Friday, July 1, 2016

Using Aerohive Certificate Authority

You can use HiveManager to generate certificates. These certificates are used by APs which are working as the RADIUS servers. In this example I will generated a root CA and generate a public/private key pair for the RADIUS server,

1) Generate a new CA root certificate, and self sign it,

2) Generate a certificates signing request for the certificates of the RADIUS server,

3) Get the certificate signed by the root CA we generated in step 1

4) In the certificates section you can see the 4 certificates. The Defaut_CA.pem certificate must be installed in clients --> check the blog post :  How to install certificate in clients 

5) Create a new RADIUS server instance and assign the certificates as below,

6) Assign this RADIUS server instance to an AP, the AP will act as the RADIUS server for the clients using the settings above.

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