Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Statically creating a UGS flow (DOCSIS)

I have been trying to define a UGS flow in the Cable modem config file because this particular eMTA I was testing does not support Dynamic service flow creation ( DQOS) for Voice traffic. When I just change the "SchedulingType" to "6" the modem gets a registration reject from the CMTS .

the examples below can be used to define a UGS flow statically using the CM config file , I am using a Best effort service flow for Downstream,


UsServiceFlow /*voice service flow*/
UsServiceFlowRef 5;
QosParamSetType 7;
SchedulingType 6;
RequestOrTxPolicy 0x0000001f;
UnsolicitedGrantSize 500;
NominalGrantInterval 10000;
ToleratedGrantJitter 2000;
GrantsPerInterval 1;

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