Wednesday, June 27, 2007


yup , I set up a SIP server (SIP proxy) to test VoIP with our IP DSLAM ... no problem so far , VoIP use very little band width. In the beginning I thought it will be very difficult to set up a SIP server , but it was much easier than I expected and the software are available freely from many vendors. Here I will explain how to use :

SIP server : ( SIP server 2.0)
SIP client : (X-lite 3.0)

first : you need three PCs ( or two PCs also is oki ) and a Small Hub to make a small network

*** may be u can use VMware to run Three OS in the same PC so you do not need a network

Step - 1

install the SIP server in Server- Windows XP is the best for this ( get Academic licence - the process is bit long but it works and its free ) ...

Install the SIP server : to an easy and trouble free installation ,

1) make you IP address fixed ( Manually assigned - NO DHCP) - if the IP address is "assigned by DHCP" the server will refuse to start !!
2) MAke sure that you can acess internet through the same IP address.

*** even if u cannot access internet through the same IP you can get this working but ... kind of .... can cause u trouble . . . just follow the instructions on

username : sa
password : sa

add two user account :

* better to user numbers as user accounts - eg : 101 , but you can use names as well , eg : "ruwan" ...

SIP server uses the TCP port 5060 , make suer that network you are in allows this port !!! ( if this is a local environmant and NO filer wall you do not have to worry abt these stuff )

Add the user info :

click "add" - and thats it !!! and another user the same way , may be as user name "104" so that you have two account for VoIP phones , 103 and 104 can call from 103 to 104 abd vice versa ...

step 2 : set up two "sip clients on two PCs" or ...two virtual machines ...

install ....

add new SIP account ( add user ) - "SIP account settings"

Now just type the number of you other SIP client ( may be 104 ) ... :D ....yha u will hear the ring !!! ha ha ha

u can always contact me if u face any issue !!! ah ha ha ...
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