Sunday, May 20, 2007

DHCP relay & Option 82

I had a major time searching for a DHCP serve which supports DHCP relay function as well as DHCP option82:

DHCP option 82 - provides a method to send relay agent information and the DHCP client's port information to the DHCP server, according to my experience this feature is quite popular in IP DSLAMs .

well , I tried few DHCP servers :

Windows 2000 advanced server - DHCP option 82 not available originally but when the service pack 4 was installed DHCP option 82 was available due to lack of explanation about how to set up the option 82 I could not still setup option 82 in win 2000 advanced server.

Linux , Fedora core 4 - By default the DHCP server supports DHCP option 82 , I did not have to configure anything . When received a DHCP discovery with the option 82 the FC4 server reply with the Option 82.

DHCP turbo - I downloaded DHCP Turbo form Internet (trial version) , well this software support option 82 but the sofware was not that stable , after some time it stops responding to any DHCP discovery ... then I had to restart my PC to make the DHCP server work again. Hope they will fix the stability issues . Anyway it was very easy to configure and don't need any special server platform to work , so it was very useful.

will write more about DHCP , special my experience with DHCP server responding unicast or Broadcast !!!

Ruwan Indika